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Jul 16, 2011 6:30pm EDT
, getting citizens involved in this in a big way. building upon that spirit that you spoke about. >> thank you, governor. in washington, d.c., focusing on new york, these were high rise stories such as i shared at the outset with how to become resilience. anything that a more modest scale, that is the emotion that is tied to them. the deep emotions we are all familiar with online/11 is the shock and trauma. it will come back, if you acknowledge it will be there. now we need to harness it by asking -- what can you do? children, perhaps, asking, where were your parents on 9/11? what are they willing to do now? access like that would be powerful for many adults. my daughter just turned 16. she was 6 on 9/11. i know that she was focusing on this and saying that this is a part of the day. something that i think we could really help with in terms of bringing great strength back to our society. >> as we think about this, regarding resiliency and better inform citizens, the most important title and citizen, part of it also involves physical construction as well. i am wondering, governors do best w
Jul 18, 2011 8:00pm EDT
rural areas and other high cost for low income and schools and libraries. it's just a big umbrella. i've been pushing for reform for five years. i've come close to resolving many issues on universal service in a related area called carrier compensation. which is phone companies exchanging money for terminating traffic on each other's network. we had two republicans on board for many reforms, including myself and commissioner copps. i think there's a lot of room for bipartisan agreement. i get concerned when i see dates continue to slip away. my concern is that we might get two new commissioners on the commission this fall. republican and democrat. i'd like to see us get an order done before that happens. because that could be used as an excuse for further day, then we are slipping into an selection year, there's going to be perhaps more pressure from congress. we've been charted by congress, a section called 284 to get it done. it's been 14 years or so since the commission has really put out a comprehensive order on this. what we are looking at is the distribution side of the universa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2